Nitsanak Mamawintowak

"Families coming together" in Cree

Nitsanak Mamawintowak provides Indigenous parents, babies and their young children with home-based parenting supports.  This program offers families best practices in child-development combined with traditional child-rearing knowledge.  The program also provides families with opportunities to develop their social network through participation in community events.  Traditional knowledge keepers and Elders are available for guidance, teachings, and ceremony.

This program is open to all families within the City of Calgary that identify as Indigenous, are expecting a baby or have a child under 6 years of age, and would like to learn more about your baby and child's development.

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A Grandmother’s Council (Kookum’s Council) came together to form Nehiyaw Kihokewin: a Cree word for “Aboriginal families visiting with the spirit of the Grandmothers”

We visit Indigenous families with young children in their homes to support them in parenting their children.

The program draws on Indigenous teachings and traditions and child development information to help families build parenting knowledge and skills, and to help connect families to additional community supports.

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Mentor homes

Mentor Homes is a program that offers Indigenous youth a family to live with until they are able to return home or live on their own.  Youth finish school and learn important life-skills.  These arrangements  are intended to be long-term, natural family relationships.

Mentor families are encouraged to focus on building trust and mutual respect while supporting the youth's Indigenous cultural identity and connection.  The typical age range for youth in the program is 12 to 17 years.

We strive to provide the last placement the youth experiences before leaving the Child Welfare System.

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Healthy families

Healthy Families is a program that offers in-home support to families with young children.  The program builds off family strengths to meet the needs of the family.  Home visitation is offered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner to all families.

Healthy families is a free service for families who have a newborn under 3 years of age, would like extra support, and are referred to the program through Public Health or Child and Family Services.

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Regional After-Hours Youth Support (RAYS)

Children, youth and families can experience crises at anytime.  RAYS helps clients in crisis during evening and weekend hours.  The Social Services Response Team deploys our workers as needed to provide intervention, one-to-one support, and crisis services.