Please be advised, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for much of the province, including Calgary, warning of poor air quality as smoke drifts southward from wildfires in norther Alberta.

In the event of a high rating of (7+) of poor air quality, we will notify all participants 24-hours prior to the event on June 11th of event cancellation. Participants will be notified via email and updates will be posted on our website and social media. Please be sure to check our website regularly for updates. If you have any questions, please contact

Miskamaso 2019

June 12 - 13, 2019

“Discover for yourself”

This conference is dedicated to enhancing the understanding that Children’s Services workers, agency staff, and community members have on Indigenous ways of being. Building these understandings through cultural activities informs all invited guests to Miskamaso (Cree for “discover for yourself”) the value and the impact that culture, ceremony, and language has on the well-being of Indigenous peoples.

About the Conference

Miskamaso 2019 is an Indigenous land-based learning symposium, offering up a transformative outdoor learning experience that encompasses Indigenous perspectives, values, and practices.

This multi-day conference honours Indigenous teachings, values, and ways of learning. Teachings will be held in tipis, facilitated by Elders. Participants will gain a deeper understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of:

  • Seven Sacred Teachings

  • Sacred Fire Teachings and Storytelling

  • Opportunities to participate in Pipe Ceremonies and Sweat Lodges

  • Re-connect with tradition, culture, and language

  • Access to nearly 20 distinguished Indigenous Elders from Treaty 7 Territory and beyond

Elders are the keepers of knowledge and pass their teachings on through spoken language. Values and morals are learned through storytelling, songs, dance and cultural traditions. We are pleased to have the following Elders participate in this year’s conference:

  • Clarence Wolfleg, Siksika

  • Ruth Scalplock, Siksika

  • Francis Melting Tallow, Siksika

  • Linda Brass, Tsuut’ina

  • Grant Little Mustache, Kainai

  • Casey EagleSpeaker, Kainai

  • Marion Lerat, Kahkewistahaw Cree

  • Patrick Daigneault, Cree

  • Patricia Daigneault, Cree

  • Reg Crowshoe, Piikani

  • Rose Crowshoe, Piikani

  • Wallace Alexson, Saulteaux

  • Florence Alexson, Saulteaux

  • Lloyd Yellowbird, Cree

  • Edmee Comstock, Metis

  • Cindy Daniels, Stoney Nakoda

  • Violet March, Dene

  • Blair Thomas, Cree

  • Perry Lightening,Cree

  • Trudy Lightening, Cree

Miskamaso, which translates to "discover for yourself" in the Cree language is held in partnership with Children’s Services.

- This event is by invitation only - registration is required -








  • Clothing appropriate for mountain weather

  • Water bottle - there will be water stations on-site for you to fill-up your water bottle

  • Bug spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Chair

  • Food provisions - a light lunch and snacks will provided. If you have dietary restrictions or food food allergies, it will be up to each guest to supply their own food



  • Absolutely NO drugs or alcohol is permitted

  • All Sweat Lodge Protocols must be followed (information below)

  • Any emergencies or injuries must be reported to a Miskanawah staff

  • There is no cell service on-site, a satellite phone is available for emergencies only



 All participants have the right to feel safe and know that their presence at and/or participation in ceremonies or cultural activities are private and confidential matters. We ask that all participants speak about their experiences in a manner that protects the confidentiality of others attending. 



If you plan to participate in a sweat please bring the following items and familiarize yourself with Cultural Protocols.

  • Two towels

  • Change of clothes

  • Tobacco as an offering to request prayers



  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own tobacco as an offering to request prayers. You will bring the offering of tobacco into the lodge with you.

  • Participants are not to cross the line between the fire and the lodge when the pipes are being filled.

  • People are encouraged to remove metal piercings and jewelry prior to entering the lodge. 

  • Bring a towel in with you to help you adjust to (and regulate) the heat.  Use it to breathe through or cover yourself if the heat is too uncomfortable.  

  • Parents are encouraged to include their children in the sweat lodge ceremony without forcing them to enter.  Bring a towel large enough to cover children completely.  Often young ones will fall asleep in their ‘nests’.

  • Parents are asked to keep their children from running and horseplay around the lodge.

  • If people feel the need to lie down inside or outside the lodge, please lay on your side or stomach.

  • Please remember to bring an extra towel and clothing to dry off and change into after the sweat.


  • Men are expected to wear swim shorts in the lodge, and are also welcome to wear a shirt.

  • Men enter the lodge on their knees and crawl clockwise around the pit to sit on the north side of the lodge.

  • Men are encouraged to bring a towel into the lodge.

  • Men are to sit upright and cross legged.


  • Women are expected to wear a long skirt or gown (not see through) and a loose fitted dark t-shirt with a crew neck both in and around the outside of the lodge. Women are encouraged to bring a towel into the lodge.

  • Please do not enter or approach the lodge during or for 4 days after the moon time (menses).  Women on their moon time are asked to stay beyond the wood sheds.  

  • Metal piercings and jewelry must be removed prior to entering the lodge. 

  • Women enter the lodge on their knees and crawl clockwise to the south of the lodge. 

  • Pregnant women are encouraged to participate after consulting with their doctor.

  • If you have a private request, you can approach Marion ahead of time in private. If you are asking for special prayers you can bring a purple and a yellow cloth for healing.